Creative Ways to Store + Organize Embroidery Floss

If you are looking for a great way to store and organize your embroidery floss, then you have come to the right place! If you love to cross stitch or making embroidery projects, have a lot of thread to go through, love to make friendship bracelets or more, you’ll want to use these organizing tips to make your embroidery floss easier to find when needed.

We’ll show you the best ways to keep embroidery thread organized below!

Embroidery Floss Organizing Ideas

When tackling organizing embroidery floss in can be approached in various ways and the thread organization method you choose may depend on the following.

  • How many skeins of floss do you have?
  • How much room do you have to store floss?
  • What is your budget for organization?
  • Are you organizing embroidery floss by number or color?
  • How many projects are you working on at the same time?
  • Do you like to collect floss? Aka are you a floss hoarder?

There are many things to consider as mentioned above before you decide on the best organizing method for floss. After you look at all the questions above then you’ll be able to decide which method of floss storage is best for you!

The Best Ways to Organize + Store Embroidery Floss

Use this list to find some of the best ways to organize your thread collection and keep embroidery floss in order and ready to use at all times.

  1. Bobbins
  2. Bags & Tags
  3. Card Catalog
  4. Comb Binding
  5. Clothes Pins
  6. DMC Bobbin Ring

Learn more about each method of how to organize embroidery floss below!

Organize Embroidery Floss with Bobbins

Use bobbin boxes to organize floss skeins by a color number. All that is needed is to wrap floss around the simple plastic bobbins or cardboard bobbins and then place in the box.

This is floss storage system is the best way for beginners to use when first starting out with experimenting with how to store thread. Click the button below to learn how from

Organizing Floss with Bags & Tags

This organizing system using ziplock bags and tags is a good way to keep your floss organized! Use an index card in between each bag to keep them neat and arranged so when you want to start a new project the skeins of thread are waiting for you neatly in order.

Benefits of this floss organizing method are:

  1. The skeins stay clean
  2. The thread cards keep specific colors in numbered order
  3. Easy to find

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Repurpose a Card Catalog

This floss organizer method of using an old card catalog is great to use for organizing floss and makes it easy to find the color you need. By placing the floss by color in a shallow drawer, they are easy to find and pull out when needed. You could sort by floss colors and put each color scheme in a different drawer.


  1. Easy to find colors
  2. Nice to look at
  3. Hidden away from dust

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Floss Organization: Comb Binding Hack

Use plastic comb binding strips, with a tiny dowel cut to the width of a hanging file folder, inserted in them. The floss skeins are then hung on the comb ring to organize and make them easier to find!

You could also use hanging file folders in a filing cabinet and apply this same method of organization.

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Floss Clothespin Method

Storing floss with clothespins is a great organizing option if you are first starting to collect floss and do not have many colors to store. This is one of the best ways to store full skeins or a partial skein since it can be easily wrapped.

Although if you decide you love this method of storing floss even with a big collection of colors than do it because everyone one prefers a different way of storage.

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DMC Bobbins Key Ring

Another great option for new cross stitchers or needle crafters is a bobbin key ring! This will keep your DMC floss thread colors (or another brand) neatly organized for each project.

This method is good for keeping cross stitch project colors neatly together while you are working. You can also get a floss key or DMC color chart that comes in handy when working with different threads often. You can find this metal ring at most craft stores or online directly from DMC.

I hope you enjoyed all these floss organizers methods and found one that will help you out a little bit when stitching various projects. Happy organizing! Take a peek below at a few of my favorite DMC colors and cross stitching supplies below.